Introduction to the True Orthodox Church in America

The Orthodox Church is the most original church established by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The History of the Orthodox Church is well known and remains one of the most authentic Christian Faith from apostolic time, based on the Holy Scriptures and Holy Tradition. The Symbol of Orthodox Christian Faith is the most and clear expression of the Orthodox Church believes.

The Orthodox Church is the most conservative believe and the same time the most actual Faith in the, Christendom. The Orthodox Divine Liturgy is the most uplifting beauty and spiritual grandeur which make the presence of heaven on earth with its specific authentic and beautiful icons which are nothing else just as described by the Holy Fathers of the Church “Windows to Heaven”.

Unfortunately with its splendor and beauty the most concerning part is the tendency of the modern influence new calendar, ecumenism, etc.

Unfortunately the Orthodox Christian Church is divided in national churches, that for more than any other denominations,  has a negative impact from the governmental authorities where those churches are, used also as a national shield for national interest’s often interfering with its purpose and destiny.

Unfortunately and very sadly this so called national church, church politics and bureaucracy has a very negative impact on the Orthodox Church in the USA.

Because of its nationalistic part is serves a negative influence on  the American society who is who is deprived from the most authentic faith and the searching for the true faith becomes more difficult.

The American society deserves to have a traditional orthodox American church in its splendor and authenticity, were literally all the words especially in the Divine Services to be translated in English to be understood by the American people and without any interference from outside of the church.

That for it is imperative to have a ”True Orthodox Church in America”  a traditional Orthodox Church open and welcome anyone  with any background national or religious to embrace the most authentic Christian faith in the Christian world on the American land.